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Elaine Lombardo

Elaine Lombardo

Business Development Associate / Bookkeeper

Elaine Lombardo has been in the financial services industry for over 25 years. She joined Independence Planning Group in 2016 as the Accounting Administrator, in which she handles accounts payable, receivable, clerical payroll, FR compensation and incentives, Broker Commissions and License Reimbursements. She is also responsible for the initial aspects of the onboarding process with the submitting and approving of Broker, Agency Sub-producer and FR kits.

Currently, she has been working alongside Thomas Passante, Director of Business Development, by assisting him in building the agency by finding talent through cold sourcing, warm connections, COIs, FR referrals and social media. By finding new associates, she is creating more opportunities for current FRs to build teams, which leads to mentorship more joint work, and more ways to grow your business and increase production.

Elaine will address questions and provide answers for FRs regarding payroll, additional compensation, renewal tracking and the complexities of their FR contract as well as facilitate with license applications, renewals, reimbursements, and updating appointments in the Guardian OTTO system.

Elaine is always more than happy to help find a solution to any problem, always doing it with a smile on her face.

Key Things to Know about Elaine:

  • Elaine can help Associates & Managers find new potential members to build your
  • Financial Representatives can reach out to Elaine with questions concerning payroll and compensation or their FR
  • Elaine can submit receipts to initiate license
  • Financial Representatives can reach out to Elaine with questions regarding ACS and