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Ellen Rondeau

Ellen Rondeau

New Business Administrator

Ellen has been in the insurance industry with Independence Planning Group since 2012. As the first point of contact within the agency, she plays an integral part in providing high-quality service to clients and representatives.  Ellen’s excellent problem solving, and research skills also provide a valuable service within the Agency's Marketing, Onboarding and Underwriting Departments in addition to providing training to her fellow co-workers on various Agency computer program systems.  Ellen's extensive construction management background instilled in her the importance of attention to detail, meeting a deadline, and working as a team member towards a common goal.

Key Things to Know about Ellen:

  • Ellen can show you how to use the Guardian Proposal System to complete your e-App’s.
  • Ellen can order a Telemed for your client.
  • Ellen can run Inforce Illustrations for your clients.
  • Ellen can train you on how to track your inforce policy change requests.
  • Ellen can provide you with a paper application and review it with you before your client meeting to ensure you have the proper documents signed.